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Yoga Ball Massage - 4 Sessions

Jun 21, 2024 - Jul 12, 2024


Are you ready to transform your stress into serenity? Join us for a unique series of live online sessions designed to guide you through the powerful practice of pressure point ball therapy. Over the course of four immersive 1-hour sessions, you will learn how to use this simple yet highly effective technique to release deep-seated tension, rebalance your muscles, and achieve a state of total relaxation. This is the ultimate stress management and relaxation technique. All stress, muscle tension, tightness and anxiety will melt away by the end of each session. The benefits are cumulative so each session you will become looser and even more relaxed. Additionally, you will learn other relaxation techniques designed to help you sink deeper into each stretch, and help you shift into the parasympathetic nervous system. Live Sessions: June 21, 28, July 5 or 12. All sessions Noon EST. Recordings will be available to use for a full week after each session. Don't miss this opportunity to invest in your well-being and discover a natural, effective way to manage stress and feel good. Enroll today and start your journey toward a more peaceful and balanced life! Complete Vitality Members receive 50% off. Email us at for your special code ... please include the email you use for your membership.


Deep Tissue Yoga Ball Massage: 4 Session, $39.96
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