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This program is full of FUN, CREATIVE and EFFECTIVE workouts anywhere between 15 min and 60 min. There are many fusions in this Program, which increases the bennies! Think about it ... When you add Dance to a workout it becomes more fun and boosts your happy hormones! When you enjoy your workout, you tend to do it more often. When you add cardio to dance it increases your benefits ... so you find yourself becoming even healthier, happier and more energized with Cardio Dance classes. When you add Dance to a Yoga workout, your whole body ends up free, open and glowing with happiness! When you add Fitness to a Yoga workout, your body gets even stronger and your poses even better - positively effecting your health all around. Doing these sessions 3 - 7 days a week will get you in GREAT SHAPE, while igniting more energy and happiness into your life. Consistency is key, move your body with the Power of Yoga Dance and Fitness Workouts! Simple Directions: Scroll down to the type of class you want to take, either: YOGA, YOGA-DANCE, YOGA-FIT, CARDIO-DANCE, FITNESS-DANCE, or FITNESS. Click the arrow to the right of your chosen section, this will reveal the workouts in that section. Simply scroll down to choose your workout.


2 Plans Available, From $11.99/month
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