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About ELEV8 Workouts

By Michelle LeMay

ELEV8 Workouts arises from a deep passion for healthy vibrant living, music and movement.

We are dedicated to inspiring you with fun and creative workouts that not only support you physically, but also deepen your connection to your mind, body, and soul.

This is the core of what we wish to share with you.

ELEV8 programs are designed to help you cultivate simple, healthy habits that expand your mind and body, putting you in a positive space to face your days in a higher vibration.

Discover how easy it is to transform your state of being and feel even more energized, focused, happy, creative or whatever you want to BE in every moment.

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Because it's not just about exercising, but about raising your vibration and transforming your daily life!

Yoga, Dance, Fitness, Lifestyle

We use the power of MUSIC, YOGA, DANCE, FITNESS AND MEDITATION to help you discover your most powerful aspects.

ELEV8 workouts are feel-good exercises! Sometimes "feeling good" means being totally relaxed after a restorative yoga practice, while other times it means experiencing a charge of happiness after a dance workout.

Whatever your preference, ELEV8 workouts are designed to harness that good energy that resides within you, changing your state of being anytime, anywhere.

Feel good every day... 

About the founder

Michelle LeMay

Michelle LeMay, also known as Meeshel, is a mover and shaker in the realm of fitness innovation and longevity expertise, boasting over 40 years of experience in inspiring individuals to lead happier, healthier, and more vibrant lives through the transformative power of music and movement.


As a trailblazer in merging dance and fitness since the ‘80s, she has traversed the globe as one of the pioneers in this fusion, including extensive contracts with NIKE and RYKA spanning 14 years.


Michelle has also been instrumental in popularizing gentler forms of exercise before the Western surge in popularity of Yoga. Recognizing the essential balance needed in the fitness industry, she spread her Urban Stretch technique to instructors worldwide. 



Later, through her journey of becoming a Yoga Teacher and teaching thousands of classes, her technique evolved into the DYV (Dance Yoga Vibes) technique and philosophy, which feeds the ELEV8 Workouts lifestyle programming.


Beyond her roles as a master teacher and television personality, music is probably her biggest passion, and Meeshel is a skilled DJ! Beyond getting dance floors going, Meeshel curates the perfect music for all Elev8 sessions!  


As a healthy lifestyle coach, she has worked with a diverse array of individuals, from Rock Stars, to Professional Athletes, to Entrepreneurs to those in Rehab.


Her passion for spirituality and human growth propels her to continually learn and explore other techniques, as well as, dive deeper into self-realization.


In summation, Michelle LeMay is a goddess of movement, music, and wellness who has dedicated her life to inspiring and empowering others.

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