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Daily Practices is all about creating good daily habits you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle to improve your well-being in many ways. These practices are designed to help you shift your state to match what you need throughout the day. Choose from categories: Energize, Relax, Focus and Open. Things like Morning and Evening Rituals, Short Yoga Flows, Short Fitness Routines, Dance Breaks, Breath-work, Chanting and Meditations will empower your highest expression of yourself and connect you with various powerful aspects of yourself. Now fitting in your powerful daily practices is as easy as clicking a button. Bam! You’re being guided thru a short & effective practice. *Are you looking for more energy? *Would you like to be more focused? *Are you interested in having more creative flow? *Would you like to be more calm and centered? Doing daily practices can transform your life in whatever area you desire. Pick a Practice - do it for at least 21 days … Create the Habit! Pick another one … and Repeat!!! Transform every area of your life one easy step at a time! New practices added weekly …


2 Plans Available, From $11.99/month
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