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How To Improve Your Life With Daily Practices

Peaceful content Girl smiling
Girl peaceful oudoors by lake

Creating good habits or healthy habits

can improve your life in many ways.

1st Ask Yourself The Following Questions

Does your energy level drop at certain times in your day?

Does stress, tension or anxiety creep into your days and negatively affect your mood or productivity?

Do you wish you were more focused?

Do you wish you were happier more often?

Does your body have aches and pains for no reason?

If you answered yes to any one of the questions above, you’re not alone.

What if I told you - all of the above issues can be solved thru simple daily practices (or you may think of them as good habits or healthy habits)?

Would you believe me?

Read on ...

But first,

Here’s a little motivation on how to adapt a successful approach

for your daily practices:

What can Daily Practices do for you?

The energy drink industry is booming - it seems people would rather buy their energy in a bottle than take 5 minutes to do a natural energy boost break. Instead of jacking up your adrenal glands with more coffee, you could dance for 5 minutes to

Boost your Energy

... or do a 5 minute energizing yoga flow ... or go for a 5 minute run.

There are many natural alternatives that are good for your body.

So, instead of stressing your body with extra energy producing drinks -

you can choose something that actually makes your body healthier in the long run.

Same goes for


Many people would rather pop a pill than boost happy hormones naturally.

When you dance you stimulate the release of Happy Hormones, when you do a heart centered meditation or a JOY focused yoga practice you tap into your inner happiness. Again, the natural choice has no side effects and when you practice often - it's easier and quicker to get into a space of Happiness.

And then there are those who just go go go all day …

running on adrenaline - not even thinking about

Stress Management …

Just plowing through their days. You know who you are;-)

You may be able to get away with it for a bit,

but eventually the lack of stress management will catch up to you.

Stress is no joke …

It is well known that stress is the root cause of most of the major diseases,

yet most people don’t take stress management seriously.

Now of course you’re not going to get a major disease from a few stressful days … but when stress is not managed, over time it accumulates in the system, creating smaller issues at first like headaches, body aches, brain fog, etc. And if you don’t pay attention to these types of body’s signals and fail to manage stress, you could find yourself in more trouble later.

But guess what?

Good news!!!

You can manage stress, increase energy, boost happiness, get more focused and feel better in your body thru daily practices in as little as five minutes a couple times a day.

Mindfulness written in the sand
Sand Ocean Mindfulness

Taking short breaks throughout the day for a mindful practice can literally change the trajectory of your day (and your life)!

Speaking of short breaks, let's take a short break together with the video below. But before you do it … close your eyes …. Notice your breath …

is it deep and calm? Or short and restricted? How does your body feel? … Do you feel any tension or tightness? Just notice - don’t judge.

Now that you’ve checked in with yourself, make a mental note of how you’re feeling. This is your current state of being.

Remember to do it … don’t just watch it!

Don’t be on the sidelines of your own journey …

Take initiative and enjoy this practice.

Now, LET'S GO!

Now that you’ve done this video, let’s do another check in of your current state of being. How are you feeling? Does your body feel any different, perhaps more open, relaxed and yet energized? Is your breath more deep and calm? How’s your mental state? A little more positive?

As you do short breaks like this you’ll find it’s easier and easier to transform your state and uplift your day into a more positive direction.

As you're doing the Daily Practices on ELEV8 Workouts, notice your state of being before and after you do a practice. This helps create the practices, because when you become even more aware of how great short practices make you feel, your subconscious mind takes note ... the more you practice the more your subconscious mind point you in that direction.

It's all about creating healthy habits.

Much of the emphasis has been on getting rid of bad habits.

Yet sometimes creating good habits are just what you need to stand in your power and be strong enough to break those bad habits.

You can create healthy habits that strengthen your mind and body …

Healthy habits that give you the vitality you need to shine in your life ...

Good habits that ignite your creative flow … and others that bring out your true Happiness and Joy!

Our Daily Practices Program is a great way to receive guidance along your journey.

Let’s take a look at some daily practices that will set you up for success

in many different areas of your life.

"Successful people don't just drift off to the top.

Getting there requires focused action, personal discipline

and lots of energy every day to make things happen,"

~ self-help author and entrepreneur Jack Canfield.


Black woman half lotus prayer mudra
Meditation in half lotus pose

Meditation can help you become more calm and centered, and bring greater focus into your day. It can help you handle stressful situations in a more graceful way, as it helps you remain calm before taking on lifes challenges. It can reduce the harmful effects stress has on the body.

It also helps to put you in the present moment with greater awareness, which helps in a lot of ways including increasing your focus and productivity.

There are many different ways to meditate ... with or without guidance, with or without sound, with the intention of observation, with the intention of visualization, and many more. Here’s a meditation you can try that includes guidance, visualization, and sound, as well as, contemplation and integration time with just sound and no guidance.

Put a meditation that I produce here (maybe the Root Chakra one)

Or maybe I make a tapping into inner Joy meditation Journey)


White woman stretching arms overhead
Yoga stretching at the waters edge

Feeling a little stiff? Feeling tension in your neck or upper back? Stretching can not only make you feel much better, but can also clear the body of stress and tension, ultimately making you healthier.

Stretching is also a great way to ignite creative flow. Ever notice how when you’re feeling tight in your body or stressed - your creativity is lacking?

As you become more aware in your body, and can recognize when you’re feeling tight and creatively blocked, you can create the good habit of taking stretch breaks to open your body and get your creative juices flowing again.


white woman doing Yoga in the jungle
Warrior three pose

Yoga is Medicine. There are so many benefits to Yoga, I could write a book on the benefits of Yoga. What is important to know, if you want to reap the benefits of yoga - treat it as a practice.

Have you ever noticed people say “I practice Yoga” Not “I do Yoga”.

It’s better to do 15 minutes a day than do 2 one hour practices in a week.

The act of moving energy through your body through specific energy channels, through specific positions, wakes up important parts of your system. Vital energy flowing through your body feeds your life in so many ways.


Ethnic woman happy moving her body

Dance boosts happiness, because it stimulates the release of 4 happy hormones: Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphins, Oxytocin.

It is one of the quickest ways to change your state. If you’re feeling depressed - DANCE! It is one of the best, if not the BEST, Mood elevators!!! It’s a chance to get out of your head and into your body. It can move the stuck energy that is making you depressed in the first place, and open the way for the joy that gets ignited hormonally to swim thru your system. Seriously, who’d-a-thought something so much fun could be so good for you.


black girl doing squats in track suit and pink sneakers
fitness squats

Regular exercise is as good for your mind as it is for your body, as it enhances your cognitive skills by waking up your brain and bringing more oxygen to your brain. Cardio Fitness makes your heart muscle stronger, resulting in greater energy and endurance. Resistance training strengthens your muscles and joints and translates into feeling more mentally and emotionally stable and stronger. Exercise also elevates your mood by boosting the production of endorphins. Still need more reasons to hit the gym?

Exercise is also good for reducing stress and anxiety, getting good quality sleep, lowers blood pressure, improves cardiovascular and bone health and so much more.

Your workout is an act of self love. Take the time to focus on yourself and take care of yourself and you’ll be amazed at how good it makes you feel.


white girl meditating
sukhasana meditation and chanting position

Chanting has many positive benefits and of course, the type of benefits you’ll receive depend on which chant you are practicing. Overall, chanting serves to quiet the monkey mind and come to a space of focus and clarity. Chanting is also a gateway to greater self expression and clarity in your communication.


Zen stones sand and ocean beautiful scenery
Zen serenity

Move your days in the right direction, in a purposeful direction, by setting intentions regularly. It’s best to get centered before setting your intentions, so you’re coming from a calm clear space.

Additionally, you can tap into the wisdom of your heart,

before setting your intention, to come from a place of greater coherence.

Daily Intentions are different from long term intentions or goals.

Daily Intentions give you the motivation you need to stay fired up regularly, and eventually build into the strength you need to overcome the challenges that come with taking on bigger long term goals.

In Conclusion ...

Your health is in your hands. If you don’t have your health, you don’t have freedom in your life to do the things you love to do. You could have lots of money, but again if you don’t have your health you don’t have freedom and control of your own life.

It’s up to you.

Developing a good habit of having daily practices that keep you strong, centered, energized and stress free will continually allow you to live your very best life!

We hope you are inspired to add more daily practices into your lifestyle.

Let us know if you have any questions or feel free to share your daily practices with our community comment below 👇🏽


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