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Why You Should Do a Daily Yoga Practice ...

Black Girl taking online yoga class
Girl doing her Daily Yoga Practice online

It’s no secret that the health of our nation is in the toilet right now.

Crazy amounts of money are being spent on doctors visits

and pharmaceutical drugs that come with nasty side effects.

The US spends about 117 Billion Dollars in Health Care Costs

AND over 75% of those Health problems are preventable thru healthy lifestyle.

HELLO!!! Wake Up America!!!

From lack of good stress management ...

to sedentary lifestyles ...

to unhealthy diets ...

Americans (a generalization, I don’t normally like to do, but to drive this point home)

are not doing such a great job with choices regarding their health!

An article in TIME MAGAZINE summed it up in this way:

“Humans are notoriously bad at

assessing the long-term benefits -

and risks - of their lifestyle choices”

Let’s start with a few examples

to get a window into how serious this actually is:

  • 101 million adults in America suffer from chronic pain

  • 103 Million adults in America have high blood pressure

  • 40 million adults in America have some sort of anxiety disorder

  • 16 million adults in America are Depressed

So if you have pain in your body, or stress related issues or suffer from depression,

or any other issue …

I want you to know - you’re not alone!

But instead of popping a pill to basically put a bandage on your symptoms,

Do a Daily YOGA Practice!!!

Yoga is the Miracle Medicine of the Millenium for

Pain Relief, Stress, Depression and Optimal Health

But what if you don’t have any of those issues?

You may just want to FINE TUNE ...

Perhaps you’d like to have more energy in your day?

Or perhaps you desire more flexibility, or better body balance.

Let’s dive a little deeper … shall we?

You may be interested in …

Being more connected to your True Self,

Connecting to your Inner Power,

Being more Grounded and Centered,

Becoming more Connected to your Heart,

And the list of fine tuning goes on and on …

This is what a daily yoga practice does for you. It’s the perfect recipe to connect, heal, uplift and step into the highest expression of yourself.

Get OFF The Tylenol, Demerol & Alcohol

And Get ON A Yoga Mat!!!


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