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Shine Bright in 2024: A 30 Day Transformational Journey to Your Best Self!

Hey Radiant Souls,

We are ELEV8 Workouts,

and we love helping people elevate their lives to shine their Brightest!

So, of course we're going to come up with a way for you to shine even brighter in 2024.

We are beyond thrilled to invite you to embark on a

life-changing adventure with our founder, Michelle LeMay.

"As someone who's dedicated over 40 years to the realms of

health, yoga, dance, music and holistic training, I can promise you –

this 30 Day Shape Up & Shine Journey

will be fun, transformative, and will lift you to a higher vibration,

where you can attract your best year yet!!!"

~ michelle lemay

This isn't just a workout program;

it's a journey that delves into the depths of your mind, body, and soul creating lifelong habits that will put you at the top of your game. 

Why will you get exceptional results? 

Because we're not just sculpting bodies; we're illuminating spirits!

Imagine workouts that are not only effective,

but also stress-relieving, uplifting and downright fun! 

Yes, you heard me right – the kind of workouts you actually look forward to. The key to sticking with the program is creating movement that feels so good on your body that you wind up craving it ...

and that's exactly what we're doing here!

Our goals over the next 30 days are ambitious, but so are you. ;-)

We're building positive habits that seamlessly integrate into your everyday life. We're enhancing your self-connection, fostering self-awareness,

and guiding you to live on a higher vibration every single day.

And the benefits

Oh, they're abundant – more energy, less stress, more strength and stability, pain relief, greater confidence, a calm and centered mind, a positive attitude with less worry and anxiety,  and better creative flow. And this is just a partial list, you name it, you'll experience it.

How does it work?  

The first 30 days of the year you will gradually be guided into the most enjoyable and powerful lifestyle you have ever lived.  

The 1st week is all about laying the foundation – learning about those habits that are going to raise your vibration and keep your vibes high.

The 2nd week, is about awareness, becoming even more aware in your mind and body, gathering the information you need for your transformation.

The 3rd week is about deepening your connection to yourself and all the powerful aspects within you.

The 4th week, is about the culmination of practicing daily, and being so aware and connected, that you easily flow into your highest expression of yourself. As we embrace the power of this, it's easy to enter into our days Shining Bright.

Everything is laid out for you in a step by step program that you simply check off each time you complete a step. 

We meet regularly as a group for support, accountability, workouts and you also have pre-recorded sessions to do on your own, where you can dive deeply into yourself. 

NOTE: For pre-recorded materials - Do not worry about the time commitment or level, there are choices within each step:  from 3 min - 60 min … and from beginner to advanced)  This flexibility allows you to work at your own pace, while still being accountable to doing something everyday.

What's included? 

***A Private Consult with Michelle LeMay

***A step-by-step check off Program

***Live online group sessions for inspiration, discussion, and accountability – because you're not alone on this journey. 

***Daily inspirations and journal prompts keep you focused on clear intentions. 

***Short daily movement sessions put you on a higher vibration each day. 

***Live sessions – Yoga-Dance, Yoga-Fit, Dance-Fitness, Restorative Yoga, and Meditation – designed to make you fall in love with movement so your body craves what's good for you.

***Recordings available for your convenience - Missed a live session? No worries – we record everything and make it available for you at your convenience.

***A Full Library of Pre-recorded sessions are at your disposal to

fit your schedule

Why commit to 30 Days? 

Embarking on Michelle LeMays Shape Up & Shine Program for 30 days is not just a commitment to physical fitness; it's a holistic journey towards overall well-being. Michelle brings a wealth of expertise in yoga, fitness, dance and holistic wellness, ensuring a transformative experience that extends beyond the mat. 

This program is meticulously designed to strengthen your body and expand your flexibility and mobility, while simultaneously boosting your happiness and calming & centering your mental and emotional states.  

Michelle's unique approach to blending music, movement, mindfulness practices, breathing exercises, and NLP principles (Neuro Linguistic Programming), foster a high level of mind-body connection and awareness. 

With a focus on sustainable lifestyle changes, her program empowers you to embrace a healthier, more vibrant version of yourself.

By committing to Shape Up & Shine, you're not just investing in a fitness routine; you're investing in a comprehensive journey towards vitality, balance, and a renewed sense of self. 

Simply click HERE to register for yourself or buy this for a friend (use the Gift option if purchasing for a friend)

And here's a little teaser for your future –

Imagine celebrating your transformation in the magical atmosphere of the Caribbean.  A Retreat awaits you, the perfect way to solidify the radiant changes you've cultivated over the past 30 days, connect deeper with the community you went on the journey with and to go even deeper. 

Stay tuned for details ;-)

Are you ready to shine bright in 2024? 

Join us, and let's make this year your best one yet.



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