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Unlocking the Secrets of Longevity: Nurturing Your Whole Self

Woman with arms stretched out to her sides in a field with mountains in the distance
The feeling of Expansion


Welcome, beautiful people, to a delightful journey towards achieving longevity through embracing practices that nourish our entire being.

When you hear the word longevity ...

How do you define that in your map of your reality?

Does it have mostly to do with your life span?

Or do you look at longevity through rosier colored lenses and imagine a high quality life as you glide, enjoy and travel through your future?

40 is the new 20 ...

50 is the new 30 ...

60 is the new 40 ...

70 is the new 50 ...

All of this can be your reality ...

when you create a lifestyle that's like a longevity machine.

In this blog, we'll look at the philosophy behind creating that longevity machine type lifestyle. We'll explore the importance of paying attention to our mental, physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. We’ll also discuss different habits and practices that promote longevity, so you can start imagining and creating your own lifestyle that promotes longevity.

Then we’ll dive deeper into my three favorite ingredients that elevate your lifestyle and turn back the clock, so you look, feel and live more youthful as you mature in years.

  • the transformative power of Yoga

  • the invigorating benefits of Fitness

  • the joyful uplifting vibration of Dance.

So, let's embark on this inspiring adventure of self-care and discover the path to a vibrant and fulfilling life!

white man and black woman in workout clothes looking at a laptop, smiling
Positive Vibes when you workout with your mate

Section 1: Cultivating a Holistic Approach

To achieve true longevity, it is essential to adopt a holistic mindset, recognizing that our well-being is interconnected across various aspects of our lives. Nurturing our mental, physical, emotional, and energetic bodies allows us to flourish and maintain balance.

Mental Well-Being:

Embrace mindfulness, engage in intellectual stimulation, and cultivate a positive mindset. Regular meditation, positive motivation, mental exercises, exploring new things and self-reflection promote clarity, focus, emotional resilience and an expanded consciousness.

Side note:

For those of you that have taken my classes,

you’ll recall when I say this is building new neural pathways in your brain.

The purpose of doing creative movement that your mind and body may not be accustomed to, is to create new neural pathways in your brain. Your brain has neuroplasticity, meaning your brain can continue to learn, grow and expand in knowledge at any age.

New and different ways of moving activates this process, this growth.

The formula is simple. The more you practice expanding your mental capacity -

the greater your mental capacity!!!

Physical Health:

Maintain an active lifestyle, prioritize nutritious meals, and get sufficient rest. By incorporating regular exercise, nourishing our bodies with wholesome foods and ensuring adequate sleep, we enhance our physical vitality and longevity.

Now of course there are different levels to a wholesome diet ...

and everyones body is different.

What works great for me, might not work with your body chemistry.

It's amazing what we can learn about our bodies thru self experimentation.

This helps you develop a self awareness around how your body reacts with different foods, so you can tailor your eating habits around foods that work for you, not against you.

Notice what foods give you energy and what foods rob your body of energy.

If you have any swelling, aches or pains in your body - notice which foods exacerbate it. Then experiment with taking those foods out or minimizing them in your diet to see if it makes a difference.

Now, this is not in place of going to your doctor when necessary.

This is about you getting to know your body on a deeper level.

This is about developing a relationship with your body so you can be more knowledgable and intuitive with yourself.

Deeper self-awareness is a longevity tool in of itself!

There are also different levels to physical exercise. And again, everyones body is different, however, it's important that everyone give their bodies some strength, endurance and flexibility training. How much of each depends on the person. Sometimes a person is weaker and may need more strength training than stretching. Other times, a person could be wound up like a tight ball from stress and may need to free up the body with more stretching before tightening up even more with Strength Training.

This is why it's key for you to get to know your body physically.

Developing a deeper relationship with your muscles will give you great mind body awareness and greater intuition for what your body needs most. Some of the best ways to connect your mind into your body are practices like Yoga, Martial Arts, Dance, Rock Climbing, Fitness, and other activities that utilize the whole body.

There are other off the beaten path practices that can help you physically, such as the cold plunge, which also helps with mental clarity.

This is a practice that I really like for the plethora of benefits,

so I will be writing a blog on the cold plunge soon.

Emotional Balance:

Practice self-care, cultivate meaningful relationships, and embrace emotional intelligence.

By acknowledging and addressing our emotions, nurturing healthy connections, and engaging in activities that bring us joy, we foster emotional well-being and resilience.

Manage Stress:

Many people have stress in their lives.

Some allow it to beat them up,

Others manage it like a champion!

And yet others try, but don't seem to manage it to healthy completion.


Cuz unmanaged stress is aging.

It can bring on brain fog, lethargy, headaches, body aches, lack of luster, depression, and other undesirable states. The longer you endure unmanaged stress the worse it gets. Stress is the underlying cause to most major diseases and dis-ease in the body.

So Stress Management is important as it relates to longevity!

It's favorable to move the energy of stress out of the body daily.

This is how you manage stress to completion. It becomes routine and easy to do in your day. A daily practice just doesn't allow stress to accumulate in your system. And it usually has uplifting benefits as well.

So, Stress Free can be a thing of your future ...

Being Stress Free is a Longevity Tool, in of itself ;-)

Here's some help if you'd like to be guided through some stress relief Practices. Daily Practices gives you short practices, between 2 and 12 minutes to help you manage your stress and shift your state into more desirable states. This will help you learn how to manage stress to completion.

Practice First:

This is one of the top secrets of longevity,

If you want longevity in your life,

meaning you're living a Vibrant, Happy, High Vibrational Life,

Practice First!!!

Practice First?

What does that mean?

Do those things that ignite your highest expression of yourself FIRST ...

It's the first thing you do in your day ...


First thing you do before something important!

You prep yourself by shifting into a higher vibration, purposefully.

Then whatever you do following your practice will be done on a higher vibration, with greater presence. When you live your life this way ...

You find yourself living with a more elevated mood, more often.

A Daily Practice can put you in the perfect place to live in your highest expression of yourself everyday!

Energetic Harmony:

Explore practices such as meditation, breath-work, and energy healing to cultivate harmony and balance in your energetic bodies. By nurturing your energetic essence, you enhance vitality, reduce stress, and invite a sense of overall Well-being.

Working with your chakras can help balance and harmonize your energy as well. Now, this may sound a bit woo woo for those of you that haven’t embarked on any chakra work yet, but it’s truly worth a try, because the results are transformative. There are several workouts on Elev8 Workouts that focus on particular chakras to activate the power of that chakra.

Chakras are the energy hubs in our bodies. If you're interested about learning more, you can read, Chakra Khan: Why It's important to Rock Your Inner Energy System.

And for those of you who want to dive deeper, check out my other blogs on each individual chakra.

3 women in yoga clothes standing with hands in prayer  mudra
Prayer Mudra

Section 2: Yoga: Secrets of Longevity and Healing

The ancient practice of Yoga offers a profound path to longevity and holistic wellness. Additionally, many different styles of Yoga have evolved over the years as different teachers/healers have added their own spice. Generally, it combines philosophy with relevant practices, physical postures (asanas), breath-work (pranayama), and meditation to create a harmonious union of mind, body, and spirit. Each teacher has their own style. Try different teachers to see what resonates with you the most.

Physical Benefits:

Yoga enhances flexibility, strength and balance, improving overall physical fitness. The gentle stretching and mindful movements promote joint health, great posture, and perfect spinal alignment, reducing the risk of injuries and chronic conditions.

Physiological Impact:

Regular yoga practice stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing stress, anxiety and blood pressure. It enhances overall cardiovascular health, improves digestion, boosts the immune system, and promotes better sleep patterns, leading to increased longevity.

Yoga as Medicine:

Yoga therapy offers tailored practices for specific health conditions, supporting healing and recovery. From alleviating chronic pain to managing mental health challenges, yoga serves as a powerful adjunct to conventional treatments, promoting overall well-being.

Energetic Wellness:

Yoga encourages the flow of life force energy through our entire body, nourishing and energizing our being. There are several different forms of Yoga that accomplish this. Additionally, Yoga can connects us to our true essence, our highest vibrational self … so when practicing yoga regularly with conscious connection, we tend to show up with GREAT Energy!

2 girls in exercise clothes in plank on elbows high fiving
High Five

Section 3: Fitness: Empowering the Physical Body

Fitness is a cornerstone of longevity, fostering strength, stability, vitality, and resilience. Engaging in regular physical activities keeps our bodies strong, flexible, and agile, promoting overall wellness.

Physical Benefits:

Regular exercise helps maintain a healthy weight, strengthens muscles, joints and bones, and improves cardiovascular health. It enhances lung capacity, circulation, and stamina, reducing the risk of chronic diseases and enhancing longevity.

Physiological Benefits:

Exercise triggers the release of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, commonly known as "happy hormones." These chemicals uplift your mood, reduce stress and anxiety, promote mental well-being and overall vitality.

2 male and 2 female dancers in mid choreography, left knee bent and  arms open wide
Learning Dance Choreography

Section 4: Dance: Embodying Joy, Creative Flow and Divinity

Dance combines movement, music/rhythm, and self-expression.

It truly is the language of the soul. It invigorates our entire being, promoting longevity through its physical, psychological, emotional, mental, social and spiritual benefits.

Physical Benefits:

Because dance is multi-directional movement, you engage many different muscles. As you’re challenged by new moves or choreography, it improves your coordination and agility. It also improves your body's ability to adapt to different movement.

Psychological Benefits:

Not only does dancing boost your heart rate, helping you to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, but it's also a top-notch mood elevator.

When you dance, your brain releases those marvelous "feel-good" chemicals like endorphins and serotonin, flooding your system with positivity and joy. This reduces stress and puts you in a place of more self confidence.

And let's talk stress, shall we? In this fast-paced world, stress seems to be lurking around every corner. But fear not, dear dancers, for our secret weapon is at hand! Dancing is like a magical stress-relief potion that lets you shake off all that tension and anxiety. As you glide, twirl, or twerk, you'll find your worries waltzing away into oblivion.

Say goodbye to stress, and hello to calm & centered!

Emotional Benefits:

You can say goodbye to the blues when you have some good music to groove to. Dancing is our superhero to the rescue, yet again! Studies show that dancing can alleviate symptoms of depression and enhance overall emotional well-being.

Yay for more Dancing!

I mean why not?

It fosters more self-expression, which is healing …

and stimulates creative flow, which is useful!


Dance offers you an enjoyable outlet for Joy and Emotional Well-Being!

So, when life throws you a curveball, remember, the dance floor is calling, and your blues won't stand a chance against your fancy footwork!

Mental Benefits

Now, here's the cherry on top of the longevity cake: dancing with choreography is an incredible cognitive workout! As you follow choreography, your brain is firing on all cylinders, working on coordination, balance, and memory. This fantastic mental exercise is like hitting the gym for your brain, keeping it sharp and agile throughout the years.

Social Benefits

Dancing can be a social extravaganza, a glorious melting pot of connections and friendships waiting to be forged. And we all know that strong social ties are like a fountain of youth! When you dance with others, you engage your brain, boost your memory, and foster a sense of belonging that's vital for a happy and healthy existence.

Spiritual Benefits:

Dance allows our spirit to come out and play.

Dance is an expression of our soul.

Dance ignites Shakti Energy, the creative energy of the universe.

Dance is a gateway to living in our highest expression of ourselves.

We can let go and be free through the practice of Dance!

So, there you have it! Dancing isn't just about impressing your friends with your slick moves; it's a ticket to a long, joyful, and emotionally enriching life. Unlock the magic of dance, embrace those endorphins, conquer stress, and twirl your way into a vibrant and youthful future. Step by step, let's dance our way to a long, joyful, and emotionally fulfilled life! 💃🕺

In Conclusion:

As we conclude this inspiring journey towards longevity, let us remember the importance of nurturing our mental, physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. By incorporating practices like yoga, fitness, dance, healthy diet, plenty of rest, positive outlook, social interaction, engaging in activities that bring us joy, and adapting stress management, into our lives, we unlock the secrets to vitality, joy, and an enriched sense of well-being.

Embrace these practices, embark on your unique path,

and let longevity become a joyful companion throughout your life's journey.


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